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Friday, November 2, 2012

A loss, A Fallout

Since I was 6 or 7, I've had a Sonic Youth Washing Machine t-shirt that I wore all the time. At that point I didn't really listen to much music other than The Beatles and.....maybe some Bob Dylan and a little Radiohead. Then eventually The Pixies were worked into my system along with hundreds of other artists, but I didn't really even hear Sonic Youth until last year. Even then I didn't really listen to them that much. I respected Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon for their badassness, but I started with Pixies, and Black Francis and Kim Deal were always more familiar to me. That hardcore feedback slop was the shit and Sonic Youth was too mellow, even though they were cool, they weren't my thing (Of course all I had was Hits Are For Squares from Sonic Youth...I know....that was it). Last week I was paroozing Spotify and saw Washing Machine in my recommendations. I had never heard the album I had been wearing on my chest for years. From the first track I was out. Instantly I heard riffs and sounds and melodies from all of these new artists I thought were so original and cool! They were siphoning off Sonic Youth's jam and I had no idea. Washing Machine has been repeating on my iPod for about a week now, amazing stuff. Title track is definitely my favorite right now. Guitar swooshes and punky re-verb. So great. Bummer they broke up.

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