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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yuck (Sounds Like)

Yuck has been getting some buzz for the past few years as the new cool post punk, rock band. I've read reviews (all good) that say they put a "unique twist" on bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies. Some say they take the "charm of the 90s" and bring it back into the new music scene. Frankly that's all bullshit. London based band Yuck has pretty much made their way into the spotlight by cutting up well known Sonic Youth, Pixies and Nirvana songs, taking riffs from them, and creating Frankenstein songs that are super catchy. When their debut came out, I remember listening to it A LOT. It's a great album. Strong melodies, interesting vocals, cool guitar riffs. But all of that stuff came from other bands directly. Here's a song, Get Away, by Yuck. Listen to the first 40 seconds of the song.

Yuck - Get Away

Now this is Break My Body by The Pixies off of Surfer Rosa (fav album evrrrrr).

The Pixies - Break My Body

Darn close huh? Now here's another song by Yuck titled Operation.

Yuck - Operation

From this song there's the melody of Teenage Riot from Sonic Youth. The opening to this song (serious nerd time) is a riff from the middle of the guitar solo in Sonic Youth's track Washing Machine.

Sonic Youth - Washing Machine (Start at 5:05)

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (Start at 1:50)

The last track that I can point out off the top of my head by Yuck is Stutter. I hear All Apologies by Nirvana.

Yuck - Stutter

Nirvana - All Apologies

Despite Yuck's songwriting tactics, I still think their a cool band. I do like the whole post-grunge sound they have and they CAN write songs on their own. It's just disappointing that some people (kids) are gonna hear Yuck and have no idea where all of these awesome riffs and melodies actually came from. Bummer. Sucks to be them.

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