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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Not Radiohead...

Atoms For Peace's album Amok is everywhere now. Very easy to find and listen to. I went into the album thinking it would be a beefier, dancier version of King of Limbs. I feel like my expectations were met. Amok has some really strong moments along with some weaknesess. My first listen through I was unimpressed, like I was with King of Limbs, but I felt like the music would grow on me. On the first listen through the two tracks that popped out at me were Ingenue and Reverse Running, and the more I listened the more I liked those tracks. Headphones only. Some main problems I had with the album were on a songwriting level. The album lacks the energy that Radiohead brings to the table. There isn't much emotion in the tracks and in my opinion, makes the album look insignificant compared to something like James Blake's debut or even a Matthew Dear album (who is the king of no emotion). I think that Amok might be Yorke's worst album to date just because I know he is capable of doing much better work. The tracks on this album really don't have a lot of importance or meaning. I know he can do better because his solo album, The Eraser was excellent. There was much more emotional depth in that album than in even some early Radiohead albums. But Thom Yorke's worst is still better than 80% of the music coming out today. The music is rich with weird rhythms, creepy melodies, and killer bass lines thanks to Flea. Some tracks will get a lot of praise and airtime I'm sure, but this really isn't a Radiohead album. I won't say is a poor excuse for one because Thom really wasn't going for Radiohead, but he could've done better. (In two weeks imma feel really stupid about bad mouthing this album AT ALL I'm sure. Whatever.)

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