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Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Known Mortal Orchestra

Since Tuesday I've been going back and forth between MBV and II, Unknown Mortal Orchestra's new LP. I was really excited to hear this album after they dropped the single Sleep and Swim which I loved. Very McCartney guitar playing, crunchy catchy song. I can say that I am enjoying this album a lot. It's a lot smoother than their debut was, like comparing tapioca to pudding. This album definitely has more of an R&B feel that was on a few tracks from their debut like How Can U Luv Me and FFunny FFriends. All together though, the albums are very similar with II pulling ahead by...a reasonable amount. It's darker than the debut was, the sound is more mature, but the mix sounds almost exactly the same...maybe a little more low end than high end this time around. I wish they would get a little more clarity in their recordings because it can get tired after some time. I go from listening to some UMO and anything else sounds like it's pristine. I mean I understand its their 'thing' but still, it would be nice to hear the rest of the band coming through more than one speaker at a time. Not mixed very well...kinda bummed because they have some really beautiful moments that could be THAT much better. Also some of the tracks feel a little half fast, like the closer Secret Xtains which had some major potential, the bass line is brutal, the vocals are great, the guitar playing is sweet, but it just kinda...fades off after only a verse and some change and disappears. If not for that, this would've been my favorite track on the album. Not to say the album is a failure though, tracks like One At a Time and Faded In The Morning are bashing, pop songs that have some serious kick. The album opener From The Sun is very Beatles in terms of the melody and execution in a good way (no bad way with Beatles). They're main problems are the album mix and a feeling of half fastness that is evident in some of the songs. Still a great play.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - One At A Time

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