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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Bloody Valentine (Revisited)

I feel a need to say something about this album MBV again because I definitely didn't say the right thing last time. I listened to some of my favorite tracks from Loveless, their last LP (1991), and realized that this album is actually genius. It sounds like there wasn't a 20 year gap in between these two recordings. You could say that both of these albums were released a year apart and I'm sure anyone would believe it. MBV is a maturation of Loveless that is almost ordinary. It is an expectation from such a great band and the fact that there was a 20 year gap between the albums is amplifying how amazing people really think it is. It's a fantastic album ( listening to the album I realized that I was tired when I wrote about it last time and didn't know what the hell I was saying) that will probably in the long run get more praise then it frankly deserves. It was just the next album released, and the album happened to be strong...
My favorite track is Only Tomorrow btw. Check out the gnarrrrrrrrrly guitar heavy death awesomeness in the middle. AHHHHH so good.

My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow

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