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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Some of the new Starfucker LP Miracle Mile leaked on YouTube. Been listening to a lot of it today and so far what I'm hearing I like. I heard the first track While I'm Alive a while ago and it was cute, kinda nifty, not bad. After hearing some more Miracle Mile I think that the album is just what you would expect from them. Synth pop, but not completely Owl City barf station. So far I don't think it's going to top their previous release Reptilians (my fav strfkr LP) but it sounds pretty decent. It's happy. We can all use some happy music. that I think of it...they sound a little like if Passion Pit didn't sell out and loose their testicles. Starfucker actually stuck with their sound which I'm happy about. The one track that I'm really digging now, YAYAYA, is interesting, with a lot of mish mashed guitar and bass lines that are doing some cool stuff in the background. That's what I like about this band background shit.

Starfucker - YAYAYA

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