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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've been listening to My Bloody Valentine's new album MBV all day today. Probably clocked in 4 listens in total. I was so awestruck the first listen through. It was edgy, dark, interesting, melodic. The second and third times through I started picking my favorite tracks and listening to them more thoroughly than others. By my fourth time around I really had narrowed down the album to a few tracks that stood out to me. I don't know what happened. I think I was tired and in a certain mood for some shoegazie music because I thought this was the next King of Limbs the first two times around. But, as of now, the album is just good to great, not astounding. There are some seriously brilliant guitar riffs, and when I first listened to the album, they were all perfect. On closer inspection and while listening to the album as background music I started to feel like the tracks dragged on a little too long and repeated a little too much. But those are shoegaze characteristics....I'm just not much of a fan of that genre of music but I can say I like this album.
The album evolves a lot, going from a foggy, static, rock setting into a eerie happyish setting with some female vocals. The album finishes off with an amazing wooshing song Wonder 2 that I love. It's as if you are falling from the sky and the band is playing the soundtrack to your demise...and you love it of course.

My Bloody Valentine - Wonder 2

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