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Monday, March 4, 2013


Trevor Powers releases Wonderous Bughouse tomorrow, his sophomore LP, and I'll tell you now, its very different. I expected a much more...dumbed down version of Youth Lagoon when I heard his singles. I didn't like them at all. Dropla sounded like an unremarkable indie song and mute was very badly mixed, with an almost Matmos out of tune synth thing goin for it that just COMPLETELY put me off. I was actually so against the album after hearing that track that when I was finally able to stream it I was blind to the album to the point of skipping through songs after a few seconds and completely skipping the last two tracks. I listened again more intently and let it rest for two weeks. I listened to it today after reading a very good review from Pitchfork highly praising the effort. My mind wasn't really changed all that much after the listen through. Before reading that review I would've given the album a 3 and afterwards maybe a 4 or 5. The only thing I could say about my change in grade is that if you haven't heard Youth's first album, this would be better than your average indie pop. For me, the album has a quarter of the feeling that his debut did and the weird out of tune synth sounds that are ALL OVER the LP are..really bad. Just bad sounding and loud. The vocals are completely hidden behind this wall of junky clown music (yeah carnival clown music). Whatever. It could've been worse.

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