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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh Gollyyyyyy.

Soooo much music. Been away from my computer for a while. New Wavves is freakin UNRRREAL. I love it. The track Dog on their new album Afraid Of Heights is killer. Super punk with strings!? What?? Wavves strings?? Yep. Wavves strings. And what!! Crazy amazing new Vampire Weekend singles!! Diane Young is the new A-Punk holy jeez its so cool. What else...oh yeah new Strokes!! Meh. It's better than Angles (no surprise there...Angles was awful) a lot of falsetto on the album and some of it's actually really good on the tracks One Way Trigger which I actually got a lot of hate...I like it, and Tap Out. Still they went kinda mellow...I miss songs like Last Night!! WTF!! But they didn't completely ruin the album. There are visible chops. Ummmmmm....oh yeah I was very excited about the band Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Their newish album We The Common was actually very good ...for 3 tracks. They were gritty, the lead singer had a Tom Waits delivery which sounded cool coming from a girl...then the album dissolved into a Florence & the Machine + Mumford band which I didn't care for. Bummer. New Justin Timberlake was pretty good. Really liked Suit and Tie and Pusher Love Girl. Very Stevie Wonder meets Michel Jackson. New Bleached album was ok...still think Electric Chair is their best song. I like the Neighborhood song Sweater Weather now. I am impartial to the band though. Hopefully their full length changes my mind. Ummm...yeah that's pretty much it. Gonna check out the new Generationals and new TELEKINESIS ALBUM!! soon which I'm excited for. Hopefully they don't pull a (POP ETC.) on me. I didn't like the single at all, still cool doe.

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