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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More West

The other track Kanye debuted on SNL, Black Skinhead, is just as good as New Slaves. Very energetic and...ahh its great. I'm really excited for this album because I feel like this might be the beginning of a new pop rap movement, depending on how popular Yeezus gets. Back in 2011 my friend told me to check out a group called the Death Grips. Jeez the first track on Money Store, Get Got. Seriously talented rapping. Take Eminem, make him black, give him speed, put him in a warehouse, throw oil and mud on him, and tell him to scream at everything he hates and you're close to the Death Grips. So industrial. So great. I thought NO LOVE DEEP WEB was a little hyped, I didn't think it was as great as Money Store but still there were some crazy tracks on that album. A few months ago, around time of DEEP WEB's release I discovered Death Grip's debut LP Ex-Military...and damn. So hardcore. These guys seriously pushed the limits of rap and hip hop and I remember listening to Guillotine for the first time and thinking, god this is an album that is way ahead of its time. The drumming, the samples, the lyrics, everything about that LP is great. Anyway, Black Skinhead shows some of this raw, minimalist energy that I've come to love from the Death Grips. If this album turns out to be as dark and gritty as these tracks, Kanye is on to something.


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