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Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Joy (Sounds Like)

These past few weeks have been ripe with sexy awesome chick bands. The Savages rock sooo britishly hard, really loving the LP. The other band they overshadowed (by a small amount mainly due to my taste) is the great No Joy. They released an EP titeld Wait To Pleasure that would be the shoegaze album of the year for sure (IF IT WASNT FOR STUPID MBV BEING SO GOOD). They bring SUCH a catchy rock intensity to this album that I would almost classify it as Indie Rock with some heavy reverb. Wait To Pleasure is upbeat and weird. Really I have no problems with it at all, I love that I can go back and forth between this band and Savages before Vampire Weekend comes in and plows these guys out of the water (I hope). The song Hare Tarot Lies starts with a similar melody as the great Beck song Emergency Exit. Just sayin.

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