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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm not a fan of The National, or Nick Cave, or...what's that other band...dark sound...monotonous...boring melodies that don't really escalate to anything...whatever. Anyway I'm not a fan of these bands for a few reasons (see above) yet I can't stop listening to the new Majical Cloudz LP Impersonator. Minimalist. Almost boring, yet it's been on repeat for the past few days and I'm not tired of it yet. AND EVEN WORSE. One of my least favorite...I mean...something that really freakin bugs me is if a singer says something like "writing this song" or "sing it in this song" or "tell you in this song". And lead singer Devon Welsh does all but say "rock and roll" in almost all of these tracks. What's so messed up is I don't care. Unlike a cheap 5 piece, this guy (and keyboardist Matthew Otto) are ALLOWED to comment on writing this music. Impersonator opens with, in my opinion, one of the best written songs of the year so far. The simplest vocal sample with what sounds like a keyboard organ or something along those lines. The melody is simple, the song is relativity short, and I love it. Not to mention the track Bugs Don't Buzz which has a Radiohead/Morrissey melody. Perfectly executed. I actually really just love all the tracks on this LP. One of the best albums of 2013 for sure. Top notch. So weird...I usually don't like such MOLASSES CRAZE TRAIN. Well I do like Dirty Beaches...and this is like a ZERO REVERB style attack on that nevermind.  

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