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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Listening to Savages new LP this week. Awesome. Serious punk attack. Four women with brutal song execution that pummels some punk bands to the ground. The track on this LP, She Will, is shaping up to be my favorite punk song of the year. Cool melody, and I love the way the lead singer's voice sounds. It's wobbly and askew and badass as hell, and out of the blue WHAT! Awesome chorus with one distorted guitar and the killingist drum bashing away at your face with Jehnny Beth singing SHE WILL SHE WILL SHE WILL SHE WILL until you believe she will. Then they come back again with MORE distortion and MORE drum bashing and MORE SHE WILL SHE WILL THEN THE BASS COMES IN AND THE DRUMS GO NUTS AND AHHHHHHHH! Album's called Silence Yourself.

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