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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Underrated Albums

There were a few albums released last year that I feel didn't get either the attention or the critical review they deserve. I listened to them a lot, I personally like them.

10. iamamiwhoami - Kin
VERY INTERESTING LP! Weird music, like a techno Cranberries.

9. Matthew Dear - Beams
Awesome electronic album, and Matthew Dear's best LP for sure. Not as dark as his other work. LOVED THE TRACK EARTHFORMS WAAHH.

           Matthew Dear - Earthforms

8. Silversun Pickups - Neck Of The Woods
Always liked these guys (and girl) this is by far the group's most accessible LP. Great melodies.

7. Zammuto - Zammuto

6. Egyptr - EGYPTR
Weird experimental rock album from Arkansas of all places. Worth a listen.

5. Pile - dripping
Like a hardcore Pixies. I loved this album. Production is decent, but the melodies are awesome.

4. Yeasayer - Fragrant World
I think this is Yeasayer's best album to date. It's got great songs, cool instrumentation, very underrated in my opinion. Pitchfork shit on it.
Yeasayer - Devil and the Deed

3. White Rabbits - Milk Famous
Ahh Pink Floyd mixed with Spoon! Sounded great. Amazing production (produced by that guy from Spoon + Divine Fits) and that was the main criticism about the album. It sounded like a Spoon album which ISN'T A BAD THING AT ALL.

2. Ultraista - Ultraista
A Nigel Godrich side project gone right. Radiohead with a female. Sweet and dark. Bass. Awesome killer album.

1. Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship
Another Godrich effort. He produced this album and turned a less than par indie group into a sophisticated machine filled with dark emotions. I loooooveeeeeee this album. Hope I remember it forever. I wanna get a physical copy of it. AHH so good.

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