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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ba Ba Ba Ba Bound

"I just spoke to Jesus, he said WHAT UP YEEZUS." Yes. Yeezus is out. It's scorpion trashy. It's buffalo fun. It's HOT IN THE BUNGALOW. I've been psyched for this ish since I heard New Slaves...on a NYC...on YouTube. That track is so monster attractive. Anyway Yeezus, Kanye's 6th LP. From the beginning you can really hear the Death Grips...gripping Kanye's throat and slamming his head on the computer that spit out these beats. Kanye really embraces the whole industrial hip hop scene. WHICH I LOVE. It's the future I'm tellin ya. Music will just be metal grinding on metal soon enough. Kanye opens this LP with a great rap announcing Yeezus's coming and all his/its glory. Love this track. And Black Skinhead. I was kinda bummed though that this song wasn't as LOUD and INTRUSIVE as it was live on SNL. I mean it's a great song, well written, exciting, but NOT AZZZ exciting as it is live. Then shit gets real on I Am A God. Heavy song. #BIG EGO. Whatever though, it's chill. Near the end of this track Kanye spits this incredibly catchy line, "I just talked to Jesus, he said what up yeezus. I said shit I'm chillin, tryna stack these millions. I know he the most high, but I am a close high. Me casa su casa, that's that cosa nostra." Is it mindless shit or is it filled with existential meaning? It's bullshit but it is CATCHY AS HELL. (Also the first line off this album "Yeezus season aproachin fuck whatever yall been hearin. Fuck what, fuck whatever yall been wearin a monster bout to come alive again!" is AWESOME.) New Slaves is TANFASTIC. I still get goosebumps when I hear that song. The lyrics actually MEAN something (sadly unlike most of the album) and his flow is TOMMY NOBLE (sick). Justin Vernon rears his head on a few of these tracks too (Bon Iver) and does his whole autotune sick ass harmonies. Hold My Liquor..decent track. I'm In It, very interesting. I feel like this is one of the most personal tracks on the album. Kanye and his various females. I really like the rancid, moldy synths. Then we get to BLOOD ON THE LEAVES which is BRAVO GOD. Long track, GREAT SAMPLE. But there is WAAAAAAY TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE, GOD DAMN. KANYE YOU CAN'T SING! YOU KNOW IT! YOU SAY IT! STOP TRYING! IT'S SELF INDULGENT AND PAINFUL FOR US TO LISTEN TO! The content on this track (poppin mollyz and what not) is shallow and unimportant, but that Nina Simone sample really makes the song memorable. And paired with those sharp, CANNON ATTACK HORNS! The melody isn't AWFUL...but there is a lot to be desired. The rap near the end of the song is pro. One of my fav tracks. Guilt Trip is unimportant. Cool sample with Popcann saying some unintelligible crap. Sounds hella dope. Send It Up, also just meh. Nothing to report, but the last track on Yeezus...BOOOUNNDDDDD 2. Such a great track. Wow. Go Kanye. GREAT ASS SAMPLE. OLD SCHOOL. Rappin bout chicks and his "bad reputation". It's the best track on the album. Fresh. Catchy. Great way to close out the record, makes up for the two duds before it. YEEZUS.


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