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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You're On Your Own

James Blake's sophomore (not...not at all his second release) LP Overgrown dropped yesterday. I've been listening to it for a while and I have to say, I'm not as impressed as I was with his debut album. Overgrown touches more on James's singing abilities and R&B flow, but the whole "dubstep prince" thing fell short on this album. Starting with the opener, beautiful song btw, Overgrown has a genius hook that just confuses me, but there's just kinda this lame atmospheric presence behind the whole track that doesn't have that kind of punch and glitch-step feel that was more evident on his debut. Most of this album is just like the opener too, which isn't bad, but...I feel like there's a lack of real explosive looping and weird, adventurous music. The track Take A Fall For Me features RZA and he lays down a pretty...decent rap, but I just don't feel the track at all. It's not the whole rapping thing (not against rap at all) I just don't like the vibe on the track, even though next to Digital Lion it is the most electronic track on the LP. Overall the album isn't bad at's actually a great LP, I feel like it will be one of my favorites of the year because James's voice is so freaking amazing and he thinks of the catchiest hooks and that's pretty awesome and British of him. I just know, as evident from every one of his EPs and singles and his past LP that he is a dubstep producer and that was one of the elements of the album I looked forward to and thought I could count on appearing on the album.

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