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Friday, July 5, 2013

Mgna Crta Hly Grl

Oh Jay-Z. I don't know. I bet I wouldn't dislike this album as much if I heard it before YEEZUSS...but hey. Everytime Jay-Z spits lines about mink and bitches I'm all like...WOOOW KANYE JUST SAID THAT. He bought all those lyric rights for Cobain's whole...HERE WE ARE NOW ENTERTAIN US scene and doesn't really piss me off that much because if that's what Z thought would make his track cool then whatever pleases you homie. I just found the album to be main stream...boring...UN-ILLIN' and there were no holds barred for jackin' melodies and phrasing from various artists (a BIIIG JANK he stole was in his track...ummmm...Tom Ford. The phrasing he uses when he's spittin those lines, "Come up, come down. ???Ride clean fix your head in my crown???" are phrased exactly how M.I.A. phrases her whole, "hands up, hands tied. Don't go screaming if I blow you with a bang".). Knowing Z though he prob bought that from her. Whatever. Unimportant release.

Here's the whole album stream if yo interested. Check out track three though...listen to the M.I.A. song. Right? Right?

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